Speak Business English Confidently

Get the practice & feedback you need, to feel confident speaking English for work

We have all been in a situation - maybe it’s a professional event, a presentation, or a meeting in English - that you think you prepared well.

What happened in the past:

  • You made notes.
  • You practiced.
  • You memorized the important phrases.
  • But then, when you speak English in real life, the words don’t come easily.
  • You have difficulties with tenses.
  • You’re not sure to say the right thing.
  • You feel limited, and can’t express everything you want to say.

Now, imagine instead…

  • You feel more natural, more comfortable speaking English.
  • You don’t feel limited, because you can be spontaneous in English.
  • You know that your English is good. Not perfect. But professional and credible.
  • As a result, you feel confident working in English. At events. In presentations. In meetings. And more.
  • And you feel good about yourself and your English.

This is what you achieve in my program

Speak Business English Confidently is a program of private coaching sessions & conversation practice, based on the principles of neuroscience and my 19 years of experience coaching professionals to do business better, in English.

It combines 4 approaches to help you become comfortable and confident speaking English naturally, for YOUR specific work situations and for general conversations on many different topics.


We guide you to identify your goals and the best way to reach them. Then we create your program.


You become fluent and confident, thanks to regular speaking practice in our unique conversation club.


You work specifically on YOUR business situations & English difficulties, so you make progress faster.


Have fun learning in our WhatsApp group, with Christina & others. The power of community!


Professionals around the world have improved their Business English & confidence with this program,
since its creation in 2019. Here are what a few have to say about the program:

This is the perfect program for me because I realized I CAN speak Business English confidently.

This program helped me see that it really is possible for me to communicate with other English speakers with more ease. Before I joined, I was afraid that I could not follow the group conversation practice, but in fact, I got confidence, and could speak with people of many nationalities.

Valdemar B.

Company manager, Brazil

I would definitely recommend Speak English with Christina because the mix of learning formats is a great way to learn easily.

I feel more confident when I have to talk with colleagues in English. I’m not afraid to try, and I no longer worry about my level!

Jessica R.

Founder of Agence Someday,


Before taking Christina’s program, I was incapable of starting a conversation in English. Today, I like speaking English — I have so much more vocabulary after my hours of coaching and am not scared.

You’ll see that during the sessions, time flies because you’re having fun (and learning!)

Sébastien S.

Technical support specialist,


I recently finished Speak Business English Confidently, and it was very good. In the private lessons, the Coach corrected my mistakes. I feel confident and I feel my improvement.

You can’t point out your own mistakes alone, so with a good Coach, it’s fun and more efficient. And we can talk about everything we need: it can be business or not. It’s flexible.

Jacques G.

Network & systems administrator,

In the program Speak Business English Confidently, I got a lot of vocabulary around very specific topics related to my work, and the coach also helped me think about my business too. It was more than “just” English lessons! I appreciated that aspect a lot.

Christina and her team are very “human”. They follow you during the program and take care of you. I felt really good about this program, and the results I have now.

Dominique B.

Coach and trainer,


I needed to be more confident in my English. So I took some individual lessons and conversation sessions with Christina’s program. My American coach helped me to better understand the US culture and to improve my professional communication in English. We worked on speaking, writing and listening aspects.

With the conversation sessions, I had the pleasure to exchange on different subjects. We worked on some vocabulary and grammar. Discussing with people from different cultures enriched my capacity to listen and to speak English.

Christophe C.

Project manager,France

It was a real pleasure to improve my English with Christina’s team. It felt “easy” to do English, and the courses are easy-going, relaxed, and I felt good about myself learning English. Before, I was shy and intimidated. Now, I’m not!

I had 2 job interviews in English during my course, and after each one I felt “I did really well in English!” I knew I did my best because I applied everything I learned. And I start my new job next week!

Angela L.

Clinical Research Associate,


I felt horrible about my English before I started. For example, before a presentation, I spent a lot of time preparing, rehearsing, and learning by heart. And if a colleague asked a question, I got destabilized.

Now, I feel really comfortable to manage my teams in Asia & USA. I have a lot of vocabulary for my presentations, I have better structures, I can even make jokes in my presentations! I definitely feel different now that I did this program!

Melamine D.

Strategic Major Account Manager,France

I joined this program because lacked practice speaking English, so I didn’t feel fluent. And English is important for my personal life, and for my career. So I knew it was time to do something.

Now, I’m less blocked. I can speak much more. And I’m not afraid of making mistakes. I’m not totally bilingual, but I can speak without shame, and that’s the most important for me, and for my career.

Odette T.

Accounting assistant,Switzerland

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  • 4 private sessions with your Expert Coach
  • Unlimited access to our conversation practice sessions (7 per week)
  • Podcast episodes + transcripts to improve your comprehension
  • Personalized action plans & resources to improve faster & better

Choose “1 payment” and save -98€ off the fullprice


  • You want 100% personalized help from your Expert Coach
  • You want confidence in general conversations AND specific Business situations
  • Your current level is B1 (intermediate) or higher




  • Private Welcome Session to define your goals & personal program
  • 10 private sessions with your Expert Coach
  • Unlimited access to our conversation practice sessions (7 per week)
  • Podcast episodes + transcripts to improve your comprehension
  • Personalized action plans & resources to improve faster & better

Choose “1 payment” and save -200€ off the full price


  • You want 100% personalized help from your Expert Coach
  • You want confidence in general conversations AND specific Business situations
  • Your current level is B1 (intermediate) or higher

Work with the best Business English coaches online

For your private Business English lessons & group conversation practice sessions,
you work with Expert Business English Coaches from my team.

Business English with Christina difference: We personally take care of you, have fun, skilled Coaches,
and match you to the best Coach for your needs.

Christina Rebuffet

Is the founder of Business English with Christina and a certified Neurolanguage Coach.
She helps more than 500,000 professionals improve their English each week.
(From: USA (Mississippi), Based in: France)

Kristina King

Certified in Business Soft Skills & Intercultural Communication, Learner Motivation in Virtual Settings
Specialties:Soft skills, Intercultural skills, professional development, workflow productivity
Based in USA - Languages: American English, Spanish

Matthew McNutt

Certified in IT, Business Administration & Management
Specialties : Management, In-company communication, customer service, data analysis
Based in Vietnam - Languages: American English, Japanese

Andrew Wickham

Certified in LAB Profiling®(Langage and Behavior), Intercultural Training, Neurolinguistic Programming
Specialities: Bids for tenders, business strategy, positioning, marketing, pedagogical engineering, prosody (intonation & accentuation)
Based in France

Languages: British English, French

Linda Bassard

Certified in Marketing, Psychology and Sociology
Specialties: Finance, sales & marketing, insurance, intercultural communication Based in France - Languages: American English, French

Sheila Gale

Certified in interpreter in the fields of medicine, law, and education
Specialities: Accent reduction, public speaking, meeting optimization, intercultural communication
Based in USA

Languages: American English, Portuguese, Cap Verde Creole, Haitian, French

Gabriella Jarratt

Certified in Computing and Teaching English as a Foreign Language Specialties: Information Technology Based in France - Languages: British English, Italian and French

Karyn McCrimmon

Certified in Business Administration, Psychological Counseling

Specialties: Human resources, recruitment, IT, American business culture, finance & accounting, psychology Based in USA

Languages: American English

Natalia Payne

Certified in Management Communication, Professional Writing/Journalism, Second Language Acquisition Methodology, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Leadership Skills for Team Leaders, Encouraging Growth & Progress in Employee Performance, Time Management

Specialties: Public speaking, professional writing, copyediting, intercultural communication, accent reduction

Based in USA

Languages: American English, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole

Frequently Asked Questions

What level do I need?

Pre-intermediate or intermediate level (B1-B2). If you have an upper intermediate level (C1), this program is also for you!

What are the dates?

For the Light & Full Option the program is 12 weeks (3 months).

For the Extensive Option, the program is 24 weeks (6 months).

Can I do all my individual sessions now?

Yes ! When you buy a program, you organize your private lessons as you want.

If you want to do all of your private lessons in a short period, it’s possible.

You reserve your private lessons directly with your teacher.

When are my private Business English lessons?

You plan your private Business English lessons when you want, directly in your teacher’s calendar.

When are the small group conversation sessions?

Timezone wrong? Choose here:

Which Expert Business English Coach will I work with?

We will discuss this together, and match you with the best Coach for your needs.

I want to enroll several people at my company. Is it possible?

Yes! We have experience working with companies, and can organize this program for companies.

Please contact Christina directly at +33(0)6 70 44 79 80 or at christina@christinarebuffet.com to discuss it.

I have another question. Who can I contact?

Please contact Lyndsie, our Director of Client Relations, at lyndsie@christinarebuffet.com, or contact Christina by phone/WhatsApp at +33(0)6 70 44 79 80.


You can try the program for 2 weeks.

If you have tried 2 sessions, and feel like the program is not right for you, we will refund the cost.

Speaking English confidently is essential in business today. That is not going to change in the future.

Today, you have the chance to give yourself an advantage for now and for your future.

To stop feeling the frustrations, limits, and blockages you feel in English.

To feel confident, comfortable, and credible speaking English, in work and in conversations.


If you have questions about this program, please contact us! We’re happy to

answer your questions!

Lyndsie, Director of Client Relations: lyndsie@christinarebuffet.com

Christina, Founder of Business English with Christina: +33 (0)6 70 44 79 80