"What was that??"

Have you ever felt sure your phrase was correct English, but then a native speaker responded "What was that? I didn't understand..."

It’s frustrating. It’s confusing. And often, it’s because you used a wrong “little” word, incorrect pronunciation, or you confused two similar words.

The good news? You can avoid this!

With my new resource pack “What Was That?”: How to Correct 50 Common Mistakes and Avoid Confusion in American English.

You'll avoid common mistakes in:


Never mispronounce vowels or make embarrassing pronunciation mistakes again. Plus, master confusing pronunciations like “-ough” and the “h-” at the start of words.


Is it “pass an exam” or “take an exam”? “Participate to” or “Participate in”? Learn the little expressions we use every day, plus indispensable idiomatic expressions.


Learn the American cultural codes for situations you encounter every day. You’ll know what to expect, and what Americans expect from you in common social situations.


If you always confuse word pairs like “trip” and “travel”, “fun” and “funny”, “bored” and “boring”, this chapter will clarify things quickly!


How to correctly use words like “actually”, “eventually”, “realize”, and “commercial”, and avoid saying something you didn’t intend to say!


Sometimes, you’re not sure which tense, verb form, or grammar structure to choose. That will no longer be a problem!

What other students have said about "What Was That?":

"I really liked the way the book is written: concise, precise, and right on point. It was so easy to memorize the corrections of my frequent mistakes!"

Houyam A

"I particularly found the chapters on chunks and pronunciation useful. These are great ways to become fluent more quickly. I absolutely loved your book!"

Louyse T

"Christina gives clear examples, and I feel like I never learned these things in school. After reading this book, I feel more confident and better prepared for conversations in English."

Marine F

"I wish this book existed 14 years ago when I arrived in the USA. It would have saved me a lot of embarrassment! I made a lot of the mistakes Christina corrects in this book."

Estelle T

"This is exactly the type of book I was looking for! Something clear and concise to help me eliminate those 'stupid' mistakes that I still make when I speak English."

Stéphane D

What you'll get in the resource pack:

The e-book "What

Was That?"

Nearly 80 pages of clear concise explanations in simple English, and with lots of examples, you remember the corrections. Delivered immediately in PDF format.

Quizzes to check yourself

A quiz before you read the book, and a more in-depth quiz to evaluate your progress after you finish reading the book. You’ll know exactly what to focus on!

Audio version of

the e-book

Listen as I read the book to you, and practice the pronunciation chapters thanks to an mp3 audio version of the book. Perfect for doing English on the go!

Video episodes

Many of the chapters have links to watch Speak English with Christina episodes to go deeper into a topic, and see more examples to help you.

Get immediate access to the quizzes, the ebook, the audio, everything!