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30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge, by

When you use phrasal verbs, you show a more advanced level of English.

You appear more professional, more confident. This can make a big difference in your life and career.

But if you try to memorize lists by heart, you will never learn to use them in real conversations

But there's a problem...

Phrasal verbs are difficult to learn.
(That's what most people think!)
Especially if you
try to memorize lists of phrasal verbs by heart. (Bad idea!!)

You don't feel comfortable using phrasal verbs. And you start to accept that this will always lack in your English.

Today, you think:

"I will always struggle with phrasal verbs."
don't have time. My job is too strenuous."
"I tried, but
I just can't remember phrasal verbs."

And especially, WHEN YOU HAVE CONVERSATIONS with native speakers or watch movies in English:

You feel lost!

You feel lost!

You know that phrasal verbs are key to understanding native speakers.
But you feel the longer the list of phrasal verbs, the less memorable it is.

But you CAN feel comfortable with phrasal verbs. You just need the right method. A different method...

30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge, by

How It Works

After you enroll, I send you a short activity each day to learn a few phrasal verbs.
During the next 30 days, you learn 30 phrasal verbs for business & everyday conversations.

The challenge starts when you enroll. You can access your activities ANY time, forever.

  • I introduce new phrasal verbs to you in stories, to introduce them in a MEMORABLE context.
  • Each day, you receive a short activity, to ACTIVELY LEARN. The formats are different, and short. Even if you’re busy, you can do this
  • Each week, we REVISE & TEST your knowledge, so you don’t forget the phrasal verbs you learned. Repetition leads to remembering!
  • At the end of the 30-Day Challenge, you have a final big quiz, to CONSOLIDATE EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED!

I Ensure That You REALLY Learn

A few results that participants shared, in our private Facebook group:

An Innovative Approach, Based On Neuroscience + Language Pedagogy

Each daily activity takes only 5 minutes, so you can learn & revise every day. Regularity = success!

The exercises use spaced repetition. You don’t forget what you learned in past lessons.

Activities have different formats, for different learning styles. You learn better!

All activities arrive directly in your email inbox

I send a new activity to you each day, by email.
You will get all the links necessary to do your activities.
You can download the activities and keep them forever, so you can revise all activities again when you want!

Community learning = better learning

You also join our Speak English with Christina Student Hangout, my private Facebook with a fabulous global community.
You can interact with other Phrasal Verb Challengers (participants in the program) AND Christina!

My promise to you

If you do the activities each day, you will REALLY learn to use 30 new phrasal verbs easily.

If you are learning for business or pleasure, you will enjoy this Challenge.

If you are pre-intermediate, intermediate, or advanced, this Challenge is for you.


I want the 30-Day Challenge to be accessible to as many people as possible.

So the price is just 29€. That’s less than 1€ per day!

Hi, I'm Christina!

Nice to meet you! Here's why you can trust me to help YOU master 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days

2003: I got my Bachelor’s Degree in French, History, & Music at the University of Southern Mississippi (USA), my home state!

2004: I moved from Mississippi to Grenoble, France and started teaching Business English in local companies. I also learned French, of course!

2006: I got my Master’s Degree from the University of Grenoble-Alps, with a specialty in American Culture & Civilization

2012: I got my Diploma of English Language Teaching to Adults with a focus on vocabulary acquisition, from the University of Cambridge (England)

2015: I started creating online video lessons on YouTube. The 1st ones were not great quality, but you have to start somewhere!

2017: I started working with a team of international teachers. We develop new programs, and help more clients around the world!

2019: I became a certified Neurolanguage Coach and study how the brain best learns languages, to help my clients learn better & faster.

2021: Speak English with Christina has helped 13 million learners, but what I really love is the close connection with our community!

Need help? Got a question?

Me and my team are here to help you!